My passion is coin collecting. My passion began as a young entrepreneur with a paper route collecting change from customer subscription fees and later achieved my coin collecting merit badge as a Boy Scout.

As a member of the American Numismatic Association, I have taken grading and counterfeit detection courses at the American Numismatic Association headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado, among other courses. As an adult I continue to pursue my passion, attending coin shows throughout the country. If you desire to liquidate or appraise your coin collection, currency, or numismatic estate, contact me anytime.

My professional affiliations include membership in many numismatic organizations, which include American Numismatic Association, Florida United Numismatists, Tennessee State Numismatic Association, Blue Ridge Numismatic Association, Georgia Numismatic Association, Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists, Central Ohio Numismatic Association, Clark County Ohio Coin Club among others.