Above is an example of a $20 1929 Spring Valley National Bank Note, Charter Number 7896.  Prior to 1930 federal government allowed “home town banks” to issue their own money.  The name of the bank, town, and state were printed on these notes.

Many collectors enjoy collecting these notes from their home towns and surrounding communities.  Over 12,000 National Bank Notes were issued from different towns throughout all 50 states.  Good luck collecting all 12,000 from the different towns!!

In 1929 $20 was quite a bit of money and the note photographed above could be exchanged for a $20 gold coins at your local bank.  Gold coins have increased quite a bit in value over the last hundred years compared to the $20 National Bank Notes.

Regardless we buy both gold coins and currency at Coinologist.  If you have any notes from Xenia Ohio, Spring Valley Ohio, Dayton Ohio, Springfield Ohio, London Ohio, Troy Ohio, Lebanon Ohio, Wilmington Ohio, Washington Court House Ohio and surrounding communities Coinologist is always buying.