Below is a general list of items we purchase.

Individual Rarities
PCGS Certified Graded Coins
NGC Certified Graded Coins
ANACS Certified Graded Coins
ICG Certified Graded Coins
All Other Certified Graded Coins
Half Dollars before 1971
Quarters and Dimes before 1965
Gold Commemorative Coins
Silver Commemorative Coins
Proof Sets
Mint Sets
Gold Coins
Certified Coins
Gold American Eagles
Silver American Eagles
Brilliant Uncirculated Rolls
Type Coins
Flowing Hair U.S. Coins
Draped Bust U.S. Coins
Capped Bust U.S. Coins
Liberty Capped U.S. Coins
Braided Hair U.S. Coins
Coronet Head U.S. Coins
Liberty Seated U.S. Coins
Indian Head U.S. Coins
Classic Head U.S. Coins
Proof U.S. Coins
$20 Saint Gaudens Gold Coins
Silver Dollars 1793-1935
Morgan Silver Dollars
Peace Silver Dollars
 Half Cents
Coin Collections
Large Cents
Flying Eagle Cents
Trade Dollars
Seated Liberty Dollars
Bust Silver Dollars
Bust Half Dollars
Seated Liberty Half Dollars
Barber Half Dollars
Walking Liberty Half Dollars
Benjamin Franklin Half Dollars
Kennedy Half Dollars
Bust Quarters
Seated Liberty Quarters
Barber Quarters
Standing Liberty Quarters
Washington Quarters
Twenty Cent Pieces
Bust Dimes
Seated Liberty Dimes
Barber Dimes
Mercury Dimes
Roosevelt Dimes
Half Dimes
Shield Nickels
Liberty Nickels
Buffalo Nickels
Three Cent Pieces
Two Cent Pieces
Three Cent Nickels
Gold Buffalo Coins
Key Date Coins
Three Cent Nickels
Three Cent Silvers
Indian Head Cents
Lincoln Head Cents
Colonial Coins
California Gold
PCGS Coins
NGC Coins
Ancient Coins
Fugio Cents
Old World Coins
Foreign Coins
Large Sized Currency
Obsolete Bank Notes
Broken Bank Notes
Confederate Currency
Legal Tender Notes
Silver Certificates
Treasury Notes
Coin Notes
Colonial Currency
Continental Currency
National Bank Notes
Federal Reserve Bank Notes
Federal Reserve Notes
Gold Certificates
National Gold Bank Notes
Fractional Currency
PCGS Certified Graded Currency
CGA Certified Graded Currency
PMG Certified Graded Currency